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The Camp Bonaventure Pro-shop carries a great selection of Orvis fly-fishing gear and Equipment.

If you are looking for Henrik Mortensen's DVD's on Salmon fishing and Spey casting, we carry the complete collection. These DVD's are very informative and a must for your fly fishing collection. The latest DVD in the series "The Scandinavian Spey Cast II" is now available. All the footage was shot while Henrik was fishing at Camp Bonaventure and at our sister camp, "Salmon Lodge" on the Grand Cascapedia. It shows some of the pools we fish on all three rivers. If you are planning a visit with us it's a must see. 

We carry a full selection of hand-tied salmon fly's, both wet and dry

Camp Bonaventure carries the largest selection of Tube fly's available in eastern Canada.

We can ship orders directly to your address or have them ready at the lodge when you arrive. We are always available and willing to share our expertise. Please feel free to call us at 800 737 2740 or send us an e-mail.

Atlantic Salmon Tube Fly's

Tube fly's have become very popular and productive on our rivers over the past few years. Our Pro-shop carries an extensive inventory of Tube fly's including Plastic tubes, Hitch Tubes and Micro Tubes. We have a selection for all water conditions and levels. Some of ther most popular are:

Plastic Tubes

  • Sun Ray Shadow IC Blue U.wing (Fox) 
  • Sun Ray Shadow IC Green U.wing (Fox) 
  • Sun Ray Shadow IC Orange U.wing (Fox)

Hitch Tubes

  • All Black w. pearl Krystal Top
  • All Black, on Fl. Green Body (Frodin)
  • All Black, on Fl. Orange Body (Frodin)
  • Arndilly Fancy
  • Blue Charm
  • Blue Charm (Summer Duck + K.Flash)
  • Blue Streak
  • Blue Vulture
  • Cascade
  • Collie Dog w. silver flash top
  • Cosseboom
  • Executioner (on Fl. Orange Frodin Tube)
  • Golden Killer
  • Green Butt (on Fl. Green Frodin Tube)
  • Hairy Mary
  • Hairy Mary-Orange
  • Hempel
  • Hologram
  • Langa Fancy
  • Munro's Killer
  • Silver Blue
  • Silver Elver
  • Silver Wilkinson
  • Skating Muddler-Black & Orange
  • Skating Muddler-Black, Blue & Green
  • Skating Muddler-Black, Blue & Pink
  • Skating Muddler-German
  • Skating Muddler-Highlander I
  • Skating Muddler-Highlander II
  • Skating Muddler-Natural
  • Sunray Shadow

Micro Tubes

  • Black and Yellow
  • Blue Charm
  • Blue Vulture
  • Frances-Black
  • Frances-Red
  • Hairy Mary
  • Munro's Killer
  • Sun Ray Shadow
  • Sun Ray Shadow w. White Wing
  • Teal and Black
  • Teal and Blue