Atlantic Salmon Tube Fly's

Tube fly's have become very popular and productive on our rivers over the past few years. Our Pro-shop carries an extensive inventory of Tube fly's including Plastic tubes, Hitch Tubes and Micro Tubes. We have a selection for all water conditions and levels. Some of ther most popular are:

Plastic Tubes

  • Sun Ray Shadow IC Blue U.wing (Fox) 
  • Sun Ray Shadow IC Green U.wing (Fox) 
  • Sun Ray Shadow IC Orange U.wing (Fox)

Hitch Tubes

  • All Black w. pearl Krystal Top
  • All Black, on Fl. Green Body (Frodin)
  • All Black, on Fl. Orange Body (Frodin)
  • Arndilly Fancy
  • Blue Charm
  • Blue Charm (Summer Duck + K.Flash)
  • Blue Streak
  • Blue Vulture
  • Cascade
  • Collie Dog w. silver flash top
  • Cosseboom
  • Executioner (on Fl. Orange Frodin Tube)
  • Golden Killer
  • Green Butt (on Fl. Green Frodin Tube)
  • Hairy Mary
  • Hairy Mary-Orange
  • Hempel
  • Hologram
  • Langa Fancy
  • Munro's Killer
  • Silver Blue
  • Silver Elver
  • Silver Wilkinson
  • Skating Muddler-Black & Orange
  • Skating Muddler-Black, Blue & Green
  • Skating Muddler-Black, Blue & Pink
  • Skating Muddler-German
  • Skating Muddler-Highlander I
  • Skating Muddler-Highlander II
  • Skating Muddler-Natural
  • Sunray Shadow

Micro Tubes

  • Black and Yellow
  • Blue Charm
  • Blue Vulture
  • Frances-Black
  • Frances-Red
  • Hairy Mary
  • Munro's Killer
  • Sun Ray Shadow
  • Sun Ray Shadow w. White Wing
  • Teal and Black
  • Teal and Blue