Affiliated Fly Fishing Guides and Instructors

Henrik Mortensen is a world famous guide and instructor, who has used Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge as the location for his educational DVDs.

Martin Weaver has been a regular guest at Bonaventure, and as the Head Guide at the Estancia Tecka in Patigonia, Martin has access to some of the best fishing in Patagonia.

Simon Yates has an interesting site and has recently addes six salmon species including the Atlantic Salmon.

Fly Fishing Travel

When the weather is cold and you are searching for a warm weather destination, we strongly recommend contacting Peter McLeod at  Aardvark McLeod.  Aarvvark Mcleod arranges international fly fishing holidays worldwide, providing an exceptional level of service to the decerning fly fisherman. We have worked with them on many ocassions and they are truly the best. 


If you are planing a trip to Ireland, Andy Neill is the best man to contact for angling information. You can contact him at  for complete and up to date information. 

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