Fishing Quebec’s Bonaventure

September 3, 2014

I’ve just returned from fishing one of the most storied waterways in North America, The Bonaventure River in the Gaspé Peninsula, QC.  I was the guest of Camp Bonaventure, surely one of the finest Atlantic Salmon lodges in the world, located near what has been called the clearest salmon river in the world.  If would-be lodge owners were looking for the best way to learn the hospitality business in the sporting industry, I would send them to Camp Bonaventure to see how it is done best.

It was not only a successful fishing outing for me, but for every sport I met at the lodge.  I enclose a link here to a short video of a friend releasing the salmon he’d just caught.  The clarity of the water in the Bonaventure stands out.  If you’re looking for that once-in-a-lifetime Atlantic salmon fishing trip where you’ll stay in a lodge that attends to every detail and treats you like a king who’s after “the king of fish,” definitely check out: /

Randy Spencer


Author and Fly fishing guide

Orvis Client Review

Outstanding experience - 6/24/2014
By: Ruprick from Halifax, NS, Canada

My trip to Camp Bonaventure was a very great experience. The lodge and staff are dedicated to giving the guests the best service. The food is superb and the guides are excellent. Everyone is focused on you, the customer.Outstanding!!

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  June 6, 2014 

"We just got back from Camp Bonaventure and unfortunately we got there ahead of the fish this year. We knew it was risky but this is such a great place that we just could not wait. My Brother and I go there 4 times per year and we are hard to please so I guess that tells it all."

Dale Fox

Woodstock ,New Brunswick

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 Camp Bonaventure 2013 - Another Great Trip,

 October 30, 2013 

"Another memorable visit to the Bonaventure and Cascaprdia watersheds!

Glenn's Guides got us over the fish as always, and coached our group to many hook-ups over our stay . . . even though, at times, it took several fly and tactic changes.

This was my first success with a dry fly. It was a real heart stopper to actually see the salmon rise from the bottom through the crystal clear water and take my fly! Now I'm hooked too!

The only down side was that our time there passed all too quickly!!!"

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Another trip to Camp Bonaventure

 August 12, 2013 

By: sauron  

from Scotland, UK

"Very difficult if not impossible to criticise this lodge. I have been coming here for what seems many years and I am always treated like an old friend by both Glenn, Johnny plus the guides.

This time I had a disaster with my fishing kit but not too worry even with only 3 days notice Glenn had me sorted out with jacket boots etc.

I had a bad turn one day and I was looked after much better than my wife would look after me.

Fishing was seriously poor but coming from Scotland, it came as no surprise. We had cold rain for 4 out of the 5 days which basically messed up the fishing. As usual, the guys who came the following week filled their boots.

C'est la vie"

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 Amazing Fishing & Lodging,

 June 9, 2013 

By: KenANDPatti    

"This is our 2nd trip Camp B and it was even better than the first time. Our guide, Jean Marc was also wonderful instructor while we shared lots of laughs. This small lodge provides everything a guest would expect. Great gourmet meals, luxury rooms and terrific guests from all over the world. We now understand while they come from so far. And last but not least a 30 lb. salmon your your rod is the best!!!"

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 Fantastic Fishing, Fantastic People,

 June 15, 2013 

By: OldAT  

from Boston, MA

"My wife and I enjoyed a fantastic 4 days at Camp Bonaventure. Besides the natural beauty of Quebec and the fantastic fishing, the staff at the Camp was tremendous. Through the tutelage of the guides and Glenn, my wife was able to land a gorgeous 15 pound hen.

Highly recommended."

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Lastly I'd be remiss if I didn't congratulate you on a first class operation. Your staff are all amazing.
I thought the Grande was grand-and it is- but the pools we saw on the Bonny and the Petite were just amazing. Gives one hope that these pristine rivers still exist and not just in photos. Feel blessed to have stood in them.

Many thanks for your great hospitality.   I will find my way back!

All the best,

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Bonny Bonaventure! - 7/6/2014

By: unionville from Markham, ON, Canada

A spectacular river, deluxe lodge and great hospitality. Glenn and his team make you feel welcomed and pampered, great guides and unforgettable sight fishing over big salmon. The lodge is modern and beautifully appointed.

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Wonderful Lodge - 6/30/2014

By: mmlfishes

This was our third time at Camp Bonaventure, and it was a wonderful experience. The food is delicious, the setting is gorgeous, and the staff and guides make the long trek to Canada worth it. We'll be back next year!

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Best in Gaspe 


By: laxfiskur from Erie, PA, USA

I have been fishing in Gaspe for several years now and Camp Bonaventure is the only place I go to now. It has access to all the best waters, first class accommodations, superb meals and above all, the best guiding staff in the business. All this in a stunningly beautiful setting.

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 Five Star Experience,

 June 7, 2014 

 from Woodstock, N.B.

"This lodge truly is the meaning of 5 star. We never have anything but a fantastic experience at Camp Bonaventure, regardless of the fishing."

Mac Fox

Gianni's September trip to Camp Bonaventure

Dear Glenn and team at Camp Bonaventure,

I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful experience.  My week at the camp greatly exceeded my expectations.  I thoroughly enjoyed the guides.  They were a pleasure to speak to and not just about fishing :-)  They are knowledgable and bring interesting perspectives on current affairs and I can't even begin to compliment their fishing skills.  Also, please thank all the staff, from the cooking to serving to room cleaning  to Johnny who was always available to help in every way.  The meals were exquisite from breakfast , lunch, and dinner and I believe I put on a few pounds post trip which I will have to work off.

Thanks you all again and looking forward to seeing you next summer

To all my new friends at Camp Bonaventure, have a safe and great winter.

Gianni Marostica

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 July 21, 2013 

By: MimiandLuckyLuc  

"We've been to Camp Bonaventure in june for the third time.

Gorgeous, Paradise. Glen and Johny are so friendly. Food excellent,beautiful lodge,and guides are funny, instructor, professionnal and they name each rock in the river!!!

Fish on. Outstanding, see you next year."

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 A Great Experience Just Got Better,

 June 13, 2013 

By: Esam  

from Turlock, CA, USA 

"I just completed my third trip to Camp Bonaventure. A great experience just got better.
The staff is exceptional as your every need is satisfied quickly and above expectations. The accomodations are second to none. The food is to die for. The grounds are emaculately kept.
The guides are the best I have ever encountered. Not only are they knowledgable about the river and salmon fishing but interesting people as well. They all worked their backsides off for me.

The fishing is great too.
Lastly, I am totally impressed by the caliber of fishermen that this lodge attracts. I have had many enjoyable cocktail and dinner conversations with fellow passionate fishermen from around the world. Wow, what an unexpected trip. I have already booked my fourth trip to Camp Bonaventure for 2014.

Orvis Client Review

 June 24, 2013 

By: christmastree  

from Woodstock, N.B.

"Camp Bonaventure truly is the premier Atlantic Salmon Fishing Lodge. We have been fishing with them since the lodge opened and have been increasing our number of trips each season. This year we have 4 sessions booked. The site fishing available on the Bonaventure can not be equalled any where else and no one can put you on fish as well as provide helpful direction to get fish like the guides at Camp Bonaventure. The facility is spotless clean, the grounds are beautiful and the food is five star. Finally and best of all the entire staff work tirelessly to a serve your every want or need. It becomes not a customer\client relationship but one of visiting with friends."

Client Review

Hi Glenn

You guys as a team are beyond exceptional. It never feels like your going on a trip, it feels like you are going to visit your family. The interaction with everyone is never contrived but just friendly and accommodating. The entire staff respect and support one another and as a result the guests get a whole different experience from the norm. We were looking forward to our time yet lamenting the months between starting again next year.

Thanks to everyone, have a great winter and we look forward to next summer.



Henrik Mortensen - Professional Atlantic salmon Angler

This is absolutely best place in the whole world for Atlantic salmon fishing, as Atlantic salmon there can be caught on wet flies, dry flies and hitch flies, a place where you can fish with both single-hand rods as well as light double-hand rods. So you can see, that this is the place where you will be educated and    try out new "stuff" and technics .... and besides , you never freeze as the weather is always good.

Both, Camp Bonaventure and salmon lodge offer the full package when it comes to a beautiful environment, amazing fishing, top-notch service --- this is truly "the  place" and the organization where I will put my name underneath.

Henrik Mortensen

Author, Film Producer, Fly Rod Designer and Casting Instructor 

Topher Browne

Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge are run by Glenn Legrand. Camp Bonaventure was the Orvis endorsed lodge of the year and Salmon Lodge was in the running last year. Both lodges are top shelf. Two of the best lodges in North America.

Topher Browne

Henrik Mortensen 

The operation Glenn and his crew run is consided the "best of the best"  I myself have never been at a more well organized  Lodge any where else in the world, and I have have been every where!

Henrik Mortensen

Author, photographer, writer, casting instructor

Orvis Client Review


August 13, 2013 

By: AuntieFi8  

from Ottawa 

"I spent 5 days at Camp Bonaventure in mid-July - my first salmon fishing excursion - and I am, pun intended, hooked!

The trip was wonderful in every way. The lodge is very comfortable, the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly and the food is delicious. Shore lunches are terrific, the guides are wonderful and the scenery is stunning.

I hooked my first salmon but didn't land it :( It was a thrill!")

Orvis Client Review

 July 22, 2013 

By: Ottawafishingguy  

from Ottawa, ON, Canada 

"Spent four nights and fished five days at Camp Bonaventure. Unbelievable experience. Great accomodations, great food and fantastic guides. I have special food needs and they always took care of me.
The fishing was amazing. Can't say enough good things about this Lodge.

Orvis Client Review

 My first time at Bonaventure,

 July 18, 2013 

By: bullfrog601  

from florida

"I have been fly fishing using a spey rod in a number of different places and lodges. This is the first time I have been to Camp Bonaventure.

The weather was unusually hot and river levels low and fishing places limited and difficult.
In spite of it, I caught two and lost two. The guides were outstanding, helping me on my spey casting and teaching me dry fly casting technique with the spey rod. I did very well on that technique. They went all out to help me ambulate as I had recent knee surgery. The manager, staff were superb in meeting special desires and needs. For examples, the manager arranged to make sure I was placed in areas where I could use the spey rod, everyone made sure that people with disabilities were given special help, the cook baked for me a Brook trout I had caught and had for breakfast.

The buidings and interior decor and rooms were outstanding. I was shocked to have new towels almost daily without my requesting them. The kitchen and housekeeping staff were hard working, efficient and very friendly. The food was gourmet!
I was the only first time client there. All the others fished there for numbers of years. The social interactions with the other very experienced fishers were outstanding and superb. The manager got me to room and fish with an outstanding person.

Of all of the fishing lodges I have been to, this is only the second fishing lodge in which I have rebooked to return and with the same roommate. The other lodge was in Patagonia, Argentina where I returned for for at least 5 or six times through the years."