Our Guides

Bruno LePage

Bruno is as passionate about salmon fishing as most of us are about eating. He most often visits the lodge in the middle of winter and tells us that there are only five months to go till opening day! He is an innovative fly tier who is always coming up with new patterns and techniques. His knowledge of our rivers, the Atlantic salmon and its habitat, combined with his passion for fly-fishing, makes Bruno a fishing machine. Bruno is a true gentleman in every sense of the word and simply a great person to spend a day with.


Carol Barriault

Carol's true passion in life is Atlantic salmon fishing. He's the newest member of our guiding team but he is certainly not new to salmon fishing. With many years experience guiding on the Bonaventure, he knows the river like the back of his hand. High water or low, Carol knows where to find salmon and how to get them to take, even in the most difficult conditions. An excellent teacher of beginners, Carol has newcomers casting 70 feet in no time. There's never a dull moment on the river with Carol, he has a story for every day of the year. 

Jean-Marc or “Petit Marc” as he is often called, has been a professional Atlantic salmon guide for over than 45 years. Meeting Jean-Marc for the first time you would never guess his age. Like his brother, Mario, he began guiding as a youngster along side his father. He was brought up along the banks of the Bonaventure and his knowledge of the river is mind-boggling. If you mention a specific rock in a pool he knows exactly where you are referring to and if salmon are holding behind it or not. An excellent boatman, Jean-Marc can navigate in any water level. A passionate guide, fly tier and fisherman, Jean-Marc has made Atlantic salmon fishing his life.

John Law

A passionate fly fisherman, hunter and outdoorsman is possibly the best description of John. On his days off from guiding you will find him – where else – salmon fishing! His appreciation for nature and our rivers shows in his enthusiasm during every minute you spend with him. He is always trying new techniques to entice a salmon to the fly and more often than not he’s successful. A day on the river with John is a truly great experience. John is always willing to please and share a story about fishing and hunting as well as the area in general.

Marc Poirier

Not to be confused with “Jean-Marc Poirier”… in fact they are not even related! Marc describes himself as a younger and better looking version. Having been part of our team from the beginning, Marc is a passionate and extremely accomplished salmon fishing guide, boats-man and artist. His deep knowledge of all the rivers we fish combined with his skills with a caone  make him one of the best our sport has to offer. His witty sense of humor more than adds to your days spent with him.

Mario Poirier

Anyone who has ever fished for salmon in Quebec has no doubt heard of Mario. Like his brother, Jean-Marc, he was raised fishing for salmon and guiding since the age of fifteen. Mario is a character who you’ll never forget and you’ll usually hear him before you see him. With 40 years of guiding experience he has been a part of our team from day one. Mario knows the Bonaventure from its estuary to its headwaters and his knowledge and experience are exceeded only by his zest for life and Atlantic salmon fishing. Mario is a master of the sport who is more than willing to share his knowledge.

Mathew Flowers

Mathew is an experienced outdoorsman and guide with a profound knowledge of the area. His interests include bow hunting for both moose and white tailed deer and, of course, fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon. Whether you are fishing the Bonaventure, Petite Cascapedia or the Grand Cascapedia rivers, Mathew knows all the secrets for a successful day. He will guide you to the fish and, more importantly, show you how to catch them.

Kevin Cayouette


Kevin has been apart of our team at Camp Bonaventure for a couple of seasons and we are proud to have him on our team. We can only describe him as one of the most enthusiastic anglers we you’ll have the privilege to meet. Kevin is so passionate about fly fishing that its not uncommon to see him casting through a crack in the ice in the dead of winter, just in case there’s something there he says !

Young and full of fishing energy, he lives for salmon fishing . A native to our region Kevin ‘s an avid hunter and conservationist with a great respect for nature and the environment. His desire to get his guests into salmon will make any day with Kevin a great one!

Robert Benwell


Robert is the newest addition to our band of guides. He’s a passionate angler, hunter and all round great outdoorsman. Having been brought up in the area near the Bonaventure river, Robert has spent a lot of time exploring and enjoying the forest, rivers and streams. He began he career as an apprentice guide in 2016 and has excelled to a full time guide in 2017. He may be our youngest guide but his enthusiasm and passion for Atlantic salmon fishing goes unmatched. During he short time on the team, he has earned the respect from the anglers he guides as well his piers. We are proud to have Robert on our team.