Camp Bonaventure 2020 - Available dates -


June 7th to 11th for 2 rods, 4  days fishing.

June 7th to 10th for 2 rods, 3 days fishing.


July 19th to 25th for 2 rods , 6 days fishing.


Aug 9th to 16th for 2 rods, for 7 days fishing .

Aug 20th to 23rd for 2 rods for 3 days fishing.


Aug 30th to Sept 6th for 4 rods, 7 days fishing.

Sept 7th to 10th for 4 rods, 4 days fishing.

Sept 10th to 13th for 4 rods, 3 days fishing.

 The above dates are available now, we will be adding new dates as they become available. Seven day packages can be split to offer three and four day packages. If the time slot you are interested in at Camp Bonaventure are not available, we may have an opening at Salmon Lodge or at the Club. Feel free to give us a call anytime. 

If any of the above dates interest you, please give us a call at 1-800-737-2740 or send us an e-mail.