Gianni's September trip to Camp Bonaventure


Dear Glenn and team at Camp Bonaventure,

I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful experience.  My week at the camp greatly exceeded my expectations.  I thoroughly enjoyed the guides.  They were a pleasure to speak to and not just about fishing :-)  They are knowledgable and bring interesting perspectives on current affairs and I can't even begin to compliment their fishing skills.  Also, please thank all the staff, from the cooking to serving to room cleaning  to Johnny who was always available to help in every way.  The meals were exquisite from breakfast , lunch, and dinner and I believe I put on a few pounds post trip which I will have to work off.
Thanks you all again and looking forward to seeing you next summer
To all my new friends at Camp Bonaventure, have a safe and great winter.
Gianni Marostica