Orvis Client Review

 Exceptional Atlantic Salmon Fishing,
 January 14, 2013 
By: drummer  
from Pennsylvania 
"Having fished for Atlantic Salmon around the world, in lodges and on my own, I can say without hesitation that Camp Bonaventure provides the finest overall fishing experience. It starts with the quality of the fishing. The Camp has access to the finest areas on three great salmon rivers, including the most prolific private waters on the Bonaventure river. Regardless of conditions, they'll put you into fish. They also provide the best possible guides. Most, such as Marc, Bruno and Mario, have grown up on these rivers and bring an intimate knowledge of every pool and lie. The lodge and the food, while secondary to the fishing, is also first class. Often overlooked is the overall operation of the camp. Everything runs flawlessly and predictably. We all know that salmon fishing places you at the mercy of so many variables, such as weather, water, airlines and simple bad luck. When the unexpected does happen, the camp managers always have a contingency and, in that way, have turned many near disasters into fond memories."