Orvis Client Review

 My first time at Bonaventure,
 July 18, 2013 
By: bullfrog601  
from florida
"I have been fly fishing using a spey rod in a number of different places and lodges. This is the first time I have been to Camp Bonaventure .
The weather was unusually hot and river levels low and fishing places limited and difficult.
In spite of it, I caught two and lost two. The guides were outstanding, helping me on my spey casting and teaching me dry fly casting technique with the spey rod. I did very well on that technique. They went all out to help me ambulate as I had recent knee surgery. The manager, staff were superb in meeting special desires and needs. For examples, the manager arranged to make sure I was placed in areas where I could use the spey rod, everyone made sure that people with disabilities were given special help, the cook baked for me a Brook trout I had caught and had for breakfast.
The buidings and interior decor and rooms were outstanding. I was shocked to have new towels almost daily without my requesting them. The kitchen and housekeeping staff were hard working, efficient and very friendly. The food was gourmet!
I was the only first time client there. All the others fished there for numbers of years. The social interactions with the other very experienced fishers were outstanding and superb. The manager got me to room and fish with an outstanding person.
Of all of the fishing lodges I have been to, this is only the second fishing lodge in which I have rebooked to return and with the same roommate. The other lodge was in Patagonia, Argentina where I returned for for at least 5 or six times through the years.